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RESNET qualified Home Energy Raters and Auditors are professionals trained and certified in energy efficiency, combustion safety and building analysis. They understand how a house functions as set of inter-related systems, and how an issue or change in one area can impact on another area of the home.

During an energy audit, an auditor evaluates your home to determine where and how energy is being lost, what systems are operating inefficiently and what cost effective improvements can be implemented to enhance occupant comfort, make the home more durable and lower utility costs.

Depending on their level of certification, RESNET certified auditors have different degrees of expertise to fit your needs. With a home energy rating, a certified energy rater conducts a comprehensive energy audit and with the use of diagnostic equipment and computer software, derives an energy efficiency rating on the standardized HERS Index. Both energy auditors and raters are committed to helping you save money by saving energy and improving your comfort.

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