Home Energy Audit Benefits

Many houses suffer from a number of problems that homeowners don’t realize are actually energy related. Energy audits help homeowners discover where and how their homes are using energy inefficiently, and what can be done to rectify the situation. Some home energy benefits include:

Lower Energy Bills and Increased Energy Savings

A detailed report will prioritize cost-effective measures that can be taken to ensure homes run more efficiently.

Improved Home Comfort

Air leakage issues can make a home an uncomfortable and unhealthy environment. Energy audits identify where leakages are taking place and provide homeowners with cost-effective sealing options.

Increased Home Resale Value and Marketability

For every $1 decrease in annual energy costs, the market value of a home increases by $20, according to a study published in the Appraisal Journal. By decreasing your energy costs by $300 per year, the value of your home increases by $6,000.

Uncover Hidden Problems

There may be unknown problems such as improper ventilation, which encourages the growth of mold or mildew.

Protect the Environment

16% of greenhouse gases generated in the United States come from residential homes.

Home Energy Audits Are a Wise Investment

Investing in energy saving measures can earn a return of around 16% per year, after taking into account the money spent on the improvements.