Home Energy Audits

Home energy audits are detailed examinations of a home to determine:

  • Where and how energy is being lost.
  • Those systems in the home that are operating inefficiently.
  • The types of cost-effective measures that can be put in place to make the home more comfortable, affordable and energy efficient.

Consumers can choose to do either a Home Energy Survey or a General Energy Audit (also known as an energy assessment). Depending on which type of energy audit they choose to do, a certified RESNET Home Energy Auditor will conduct diagnostic testing with specialized equipment to measure air leaks and reveal hard-to-detect areas of air infiltration and missing insulation.


Benefits of Home Energy Audits

Among the many benefits of home energy audits are discovering why a home may be:

  • Too hot in summer and too cold in winter.
  • Suffering from moisture problems or air leakage.
  • Costing its owners too much money to run.

Home energy audits identify a home’s energy problems and present its owners with cost-effective solutions to those problems.


Home Energy Audits FAQs

Did you know that an energy audit could reveal hidden problems in a home, such as mold or mildew?

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