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Monday, November 18th, 2013

A Lower Score Saves You More!

One thing the housing industry still suffers from is a lack of transparency. Unlike the automotive and appliance manufacturing sectors where consumers can compare products by MPG or EnergyGuide labels, it’s more difficult for homebuyers to compare homes by energy performance. Now, thanks to the HERS Index that’s all changing.

In this issue of the RESNET SmartHome Newsletter, you can read about what a HERS Index Score is, how a homeowner can get one, and why a lower score is better. And, we’ve also created an interactive version of the HERS Index that lets you scroll through the numbers and see why a lower score is better!

So, as chilly November winds head your way, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and learn about how you can comparison-shop for homes using HERS Index scores!

HERS Index Scores – the Lower, the Better

What is a RESNET SmartHome?The HERS Index is revolutionizing the way Americans are buying homes. It’s no longer a secret that the biggest cost of homeownership outside of the mortgage loan is energy. That’s why more homebuyers are thinking twice about buying a home before understanding what its potential energy costs could be. How are they doing that? By asking for its HERS Index Score.

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Interactive HERS Index Score

Summer Energy Saving TipsThe HERS Index is the nationally recognized system for inspecting, testing and calculating a home’s energy performance. Play around with our HERS Index interactive tool to discover for yourself how the HERS Index works and what the numbers could mean for your home!

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Energy News Highlights for Oct/Nov
This interactive map shows you the energy consumption per person, per state, based on 2009 figures.
The DOE announces $60 million investment to help lower cost of solar energy and support growing solar workforce.
East Bay Municipal Utility District is turning pumpkins into electricity!
Check out the longest modern building in the world!
A fun way to learn how the HERS Index works, what the scores mean and how they can affect you.
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