Water is the new frontier for RESNET and HERS Raters. In many parts of the nation water is fast becoming an ever increasingly expensive commodity. There is clearly a need for a system to rate a home's efficiency in water use. This will allow homebuyers to know how efficiently water is being used in the homes they are considering to buy. It will also provide an opportunity for homebuilders to monetize the efficiency of their homes in the same fashion that the HERS Index plays for energy efficiency.

It is RESNET’s policy that the certification of individuals to conduct the ratings of homes and software modeling programs will not be restricted to the current RESNET infrastructure. Other certification and software accreditations will be recognized as long as they comply with the provisions of the standard.

RESNET is partnering with the International Code Council (ICC) to develop a national consensus standard for a HERS water efficiency rating index (HERSH2O). The development of the national standard is co-chaired by:

  • Jacob Atalla of KB Home
  • Ed Osann of the Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Jonah Schein of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program.

The following will be the process that will RESNET will follow in developing the HERSH2O program:

WER Index Advisory Council

The WER Index Advisory Council oversees the development of the HERSH2O and will vet the drafts of subject matter experts before being submitted to the RESNET consensus public review and comment process. The membership of the advisory represents a wide diversity of interests and expertise in the fields of water efficiency and HERS ratings.

To view the membership of the advisory council go to RESNET WER Index Advisory Council

WER Index Working Group

The RESNET WER Index Working Group is responsible for the developing the draft WER Index Guidelines to be submitted to the RESNET consensus public review and comment process. Members are posted at RESNET WER Index Working Group

WER Index Working Group Technical Subcommittees

The subcommittees will be composed of technical experts. The subcommittees will be:

  • Modeling and development of reference home
  • Rating inspection and testing procedures
  • Rater training and qualification requirements
  • Indoor water appliances
  • Outdoor water use

Members are posted at RESNET WER Index Working Group Technical Subcommittees

Process for Developing Water Rating Index American National Standard

RESNET and ICC is developing jointly an Water Rating Index American National consensus standard. The standard will define how to calculate a rating index for water efficiency.

RESNET and ICC has appointed the following individuals to the Water Rating Index Standard Development Committee (SDC 1100):

  • Jacob Atalla, KB Home – Chairman
  • Jonah Schein, EPA Water Sense – Vice Chairman


  • Brett Cook, Building Code Official, City of Boardman, Oregon
  • Mary Ann Dickinson, Executive Director, Alliance for Water Efficiency
  • Andrew Espinoza, Building Code Official, City of San Antonio, Texas
  • Philip Fairey, Deputy Director, Florida Solar Energy Center
  • Ed Osann, Team Leader - Water Use Efficiency, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • David Sauter, Building Code Official, Hatfield Township, Pennsylvania
  • Kelly Stephens, Director of Operations, SunRiver Development