What is a RESNET EnergySmart Contractor or Builder?

RESNET EnergySmart ContractorRESNET EnergySmart Builder

RESNET EnergySmart Contractors and Builders have the knowledge and training to complete energy efficient retrofits and building projects in a safe and efficient manner. RESNET EnergySmart Contractors and Builders have:

  • Valid licensing and insurance
  • Undergone RESNET-approved energy efficiency training plus annual continuing education
  • Passed a RESNET-administered exam
  • Maintained a RESNET membership in good standing

Energy Efficiency Training

For contractors and builders to gain the RESNET EnergySmart Contractor/Builder designation, they must complete an energy efficiency training course offered by a RESNET-approved training provider, and pass an exam administered by RESNET. The training program and examination have been designed to provide the contractor/builder with a strong background in energy efficiency building and retrofits.

Training and exam topics include:

  • Principles of energy
  • Cost-effective energy efficient practices
  • The house as an inter-related system
  • Combustion safety
  • Order that work must be carried out for optimal safety and effectiveness

RESNET believes that when it comes to your home - and the safety of your family - it is essential to hire contractors who know exactly what they're doing.