RESNET EnergySmart Home Performance Teams

RESNET EnergySmart Home Performance Teams

Working Together Benefits Everyone

By working in Teams, you can better serve homeowners while benefitting from high-quality referrals from team members and co-marketing opportunities.

What is a RESNET EnergySmart Home Performance Team?

A team consisting of RESNET qualified contracting companies and a certified HERS Rater who can collectively prescribe, complete and verify a cost-effective action plan to reduce a home's energy consumption while enhancing the comfort of its occupants. Any EnergySmart Contractor or Rater who is a part of the team may act as the Project Manager. Team members may work with multiple teams.

A Home Performance Team includes:

  • At least one certified HERS Rater (to diagnose and prescribe an energy improvement strategy and to independently verify the quality and effectiveness of the work upon completion).
  • At least one state-licensed Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor (if that state requires a license) who is a recognized participant in the ACCA QA Program.
  • At least one RESNET EnergySmart Contractor that specializes in Air Sealing and Insulation who employs at least one senior technician who has is an ICAA Certified Insulation Installer or has received a completion certificate for another RESNET recognized quality installation training program.
  • Any number of other home improvement contractor companies which have their RESNET EnergySmart Contractor designation.

How Does it Work?

The Project Manager assembles his Team members to provide homeowners with a cost-effective solution for enhancing their comfort and reducing their energy bills by managing a 3-step process:

  • The Team's HERS Rater performs an initial diagnostic assessment and works with the homeowner to develop an improvement strategy prioritized according to payback versus investment.
  • The EnergySmart Contractors collectively install the prescribed energy improvement measures according to RESNET standards and industry best practices.
  • A HERS Rater performs a final inspection to ensure the quality of the work, to measure the projected energy savings and verify those savings meet the prescribed target.

How Does This Benefit My Company?

By working as a team, you can provide a total solution that gives the homeowner peace of mind that the intended comfort and cost benefits will be achieved.

  • As a contractor, you will increase your credibility, differentiate your company from competitors, and provide better service to homeowners by offering a complete solution.
  • As a Rater, you will work with skilled contractors who understand the work scope, relate to the house as a system, and can complete the work to specified efficiency standards. Recommending specific, EnergySmart contractors increases the likelihood that your recommendations will be properly implemented - the first time.
  • As a Team Member, the referrals you receive from other team members will be high quality leads, helping you improve your close ratio. In addition you can collaborate on co-marketing initiatives with your team to maximize your marketing dollars.

How Do I Build a Home Performance Team?

Call RESNET Member Services and we'll introduce you to RESNET professionals and trusted trade partners in your area.