EnergySmart Contractor Membership Benefits

RESNET EnergySmart Contractor

Put the EnergySmart Contractor Video on Your Website

RESNET has produced a professional video explaining the value of working with an EnergySmart Contractor. As a RESNET member, you can put this video on your company website and have RESNET help sell your services. Educate your customers and prospects and benefit from the third-party credibility that RESNET provides.

Play the EnergySmart Contractor Video During Sales Pitches

If your prospect hasn't seen the video, play it for them during your sales pitch to explain the value of working with an EnergySmart Contractor. Let RESNET explain your energy efficiency qualification and reinforce why your company is the best choice for the job.

Promote Your Company with the EnergySmart Contractor Brochure

The RESNET EnergySmart Contractor Brochure is a professionally designed, customizable brochure that promotes your EnergySmart designation. Leave the brochure with prospects to reinforce the video.

Join Home Performance Teams

As an EnergySmart Contractor, you're eligible to join RESNET EnergySmart Home Performance Teams. You work with energy auditors and raters, and other EnergySmart Contractors to maximize a home's energy efficiency and provide verifiable third-party testing of energy savings. You can refer business back and forth with your team members and market the team as a whole. These are the highest quality leads you can get.

Complete Your RESNET Directory Profile

Complete all the information on your directory page, including testimonials and case studies. This is what separates you from the competition! Show prospects why your company is the one to call.

Use the RESNET Logos

The RESNET logo provides your company with tremendous third-party credibility, and invites prospects to inquire about your affiliation. Display the RESNET logo, and the RESNET EnergySmart Contractor logo on your website, marketing materials, uniforms and more.

Use GreenOhm to Target Qualified Prospects

As RESNET member, you have direct access to the GreenOhm targeting software from your RESNET account. The GreenOhm software is a powerful tool that generates sales prospects for contractors and energy auditors based on a combination of important criteria for residences in your local market.Additional fees apply.

Wear an EnergySmart Contractor ID Badge

Have your employees wear an EnergySmart Contractor ID Badge to boost your company's credibility as an EnergySmart Contractor.The badge is a great conversation starter to talk about your energy efficiency qualifications, and provides third-party credibility from an approved RESNET quality assurance provider.

Use a QR Code on Your Marketing Materials

QR Codes are the latest in online promotion. You get one free with your RESNET membership. When consumers scan it with their smart phone, it takes them directly to your RESNET Directory profile page. Display the code on all your marketing materials to promote your company and your EnergySmart Designation.

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Home Energy Magazine is the premier journal of the home performance industry. Home Energy magazine's mission is to disseminate objective and practical information on residential energy efficiency, performance, comfort, and affordability. It is the only magazine that thoroughly covers residential comfort issues from the only approach that really works, systems engineering.

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