Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

Save Money on Your Energy Bills

A RESNET Certified home energy professional is trained to pinpoint the areas of your home where energy is being wasted and used inefficiently. More importantly, the report will prioritize cost-effective improvement opportunities that will pay financial dividends every time your utility bill arrives.

Increase Your Comfort

When you implement home improvements recommended by a RESNET Certified professional, you will literally feel the difference. Air sealing the building shell, sealing leaky air handler ducts, adding insulation, or replacing that old furnace or air conditioner will make your home a more pleasant place to be.

Increase Your Home's Resale Value

For every $1 decrease in annual energy costs, the market value of a home increases by $20, according to a study published in the Appraisal Journal. If you decrease your energy costs by $300 per year, the value of your home increases by $6,000. RESNET Certified professionals can verify measurable results of the improvements performed.

Improve Your Home's Marketability

With rising fuel costs, home buyers are seriously considering the house's operating expenses. Measures to lower utility bills are valuable home improvements that reap dividends month after month. A home buyer will also have confidence that the house has been optimally maintained when you show it was audited by a RESNET Certified professional and retrofitted by a RESNET Qualified EnergySmart Contractor. You're more likely to make a faster sale for a higher price.

Uncover Hidden Problems

A home energy audit involves a thorough inspection of your home, which can uncover hidden structural and safety problems before they cause major damage. For example, improper ventilation can cause mold or mildew growth, which you may not discover until it becomes severe and costly repairs are required. A RESNET Certified professional can prevent problems before they affect your health or damage your home.

Help the Environment

By using less energy, you reduce the amount of pollution and greenhouse gasses that are created in the production of electricity and the fuels we burn. You can feel good about the energy (and money) you're saving because you're doing your part for the environment.

Take Advantage of Government Incentives

While you don't necessarily need a home energy audit in order to take advantage of government tax incentives and rebates, your RESNET Certified professional can show you which cost-effective improvements make the most sense for your home. With the recommendations from your energy audit report and tax incentive information, you can make the right decisions as to which measures will pay the biggest return on your investment - and have the government help you do it.

Invest in a Sure Money-Maker

Investing in your home's energy efficiency takes money. Fortunately, your return on investment is around 16% per year, after taking into account the money you spent on the improvements. As energy prices rise, so will your return on investment. It will likely be your most successful investment, without any risk. A RESNET Certified professional could help put more money in your pocket than your stock broker!