RESNET Quality Assurance Designee/Trainer Test

RESNET staff has the responsibility of administering the RESNET Quality Assurance/Trainer test. This test is required for individuals to serve as RESNET Provider Quality Assurance Designees and trainers for RESNET Accredited Training Providers.

The test must be proctored by an independent party at a neutral location. It is the responsibility of the tester to secure the independent proctor and location before applying to take the test. Tests may under no circumstances be proctored by an associate of the tester's organization or company. The test cannot be taken at the tester's work site or home. For more information about proctoring exams click on RESNET Proctoring Policy.

The test is a two-hour timed test with 100 multiple choice questions. The passing score is 90. The test is scored immediately upon completion of the test. The test is open book. Testers may use printed resources as well as web resources.

The cost of the test is $150, payable only by Visa or MasterCard when the tester signs on to take the test. Fees associated with the independent proctor or test facility are the responsibility of the tester.

Minimum Computer Requirements

  • Each tester must have a computer with High Speed Internet Access
    (Can not use dial up)
  • Computer can have Windows 2000 or XP or they may have Windows 98, ME if Visual Basic 6.0 SP5 is installed. You can download and install Visual Basic 6.0 SP5 from Microsoft.
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher must be installed and used (Test will not work with Netscape)
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