HERS Rater Certification Requirements

Home energy raters are certified in accordance with Chapter Two of the Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards: Successfully complete a Rater training course provided through a RESNET Accredited Training Provider that meets the minimum standards as defined in Section 202 - Accredited Training Providers. Complete the following National RESNET HERS series of tests with the minimum (passing) scores to be determined by RESNET: Pass the national HERS Rater Test(s) The RESNET Combustion Appliance Simulation Tests RESNET Rater Simulation Practical Test After passing the all of the RESNET tests, but prior to being certified, the candidate shall complete five probationary ratings with a Rating Quality Assurance Provider overseen by a RESNET certified Candidate Field Assessor. At least three of the five probationary ratings shall be accomplished using field verification of all rated features of the home in accordance with ANSI/RESNET/ICC 380-2016 and shall be completed in the presence of a RESNET Certified Field Assessor, at least one of which shall be completed one-on-one. Probationary ratings shall not be considered Confirmed Ratings.

Upon completion of the HERS Rater Certification requirements, the RESNET Accredited Rating Provider may apply for a candidate’s RTIN. This ID number is the unique identifier matching a HERS Rater to their profile in the RESNET Buildings Registry.

A certified home energy rater must successfully complete training by a RESNET Accredited Rater Training Provider, pass all required tests, and must be certified by a RESNET Accredited Rating Provider.